Different count in Elastic search

Hi guys,

I'm counting the number of records in elasticsearch.

First I count in dev tools and the result is 5303:

Then I do a cumulative sum of count aggregation in a graph (in visualize tab) and the result is 5229:

I have already confirmed and there is no record out of the period utilized.

Do you know why this is happening?

Thank you very much


these are different queries that are executed. In the first case you do absolutely no filtering. In the second case you need to check what Kibana is doing and apparently, some filtering is done. You can click on the little white arrow in the grey circle that you see on the left hand side at the bottom of your diagram. Then you can choose in the drop-down "Request" and inspect which exact query Kibana is sending to Elasticsearch.


Thank you very much Daniel. I will try it.

Best regards

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