Differentiate coursor and touch event stream


I'm using version 8.4.3 of elastic cloud.

Is there any way to differentiate when the click is done with the cursor (mouse or touchpad) or with touch (ipad)? I developed some charts in vega, but when I open them on ipad I can't see the tooltip information, when I touch the graphic it applies the filter. I would like the tooltip to appear on the first touch and apply the filter only in the second touch, but at the same time I would like the filter to be applied on the first click when using the cursor (just like how lens charts woks). Is there a specific event stream for touch screens?

According to Event Streams | Vega there is touchend and mouseup which are not exactly identical but might work in this situation.


This might work, thanks!
Do you know how to combine two event streams? Like for example click AND mouseover? I want to update only if these two events happen at the same time.

Scroll down further on the page, there are several means to merge event streams

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