Hover issue in vega graphics for mobiles/tablets


I developed some graphics using vega. The idea is to allow users to hover over the marks and get information about the data and, when they click, filter the entire dashboard by the selected mark. I'm using "mark:encode:hover" and "signals:on:event{"type": "click"}:kibanaAddFilter" based on many examples we have.
All scripts/graphics are working correctly on desktops/laptops (using mouse/touchpad), but not working on mobiles/tablets (using touch). When I touch on a mark, it shows the hover info, but it also quickly applies the filter, re-hiding the hove info. My goal is: the first touch shows the hover info and a second touch applies the filter (if the user wants to). Is there another/better event type for this case?
Please guide me.

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Is it possible for you to post a screenshot of this please?

Also the version of the stack you are on.


Hi, thanks for the reply!

I'm running Elasticsearch 8.4.3

As mentioned earlier, my goal is to let users check the mark's data by hovering over the selected mark and also let them click on the mark and filter the data across the entire dashboard. I am developing the application for both computer and mobile/tablet/ipad, i.e., input via mouse/touchpad (cursor) and touch.

Both functions (hover and click/filter) work fine for mouse/touchpad, however touch input is a bit different. I want a first touch to apply hover and a second touch to click. This is working on LENS and AGG BASED graphics (by default), but not on my VEGA graphics (I'm using VEGA because I'm dealing with nested objects).

As requested, I made two GIFs to try to show the behavior. It's a bit difficult to understand the images as the input command is through touch (I'm using an ipad).

The first GIF shows a graphic developed in LENS and the second one shows a graphic developed in VEGA. The LENS GIF shows a first touch that hovers de mark and shows the data info (for as long as the user wants - just a simple touch, without holding it) followed by a second touch that then filters the data. On the other hand, the VEGA GIF shows a first and unique touch that hovers de mark and shows the data info, but quickly hides it again and then filters the data.

Is there another event type (instead of "click") to be used in VEGA that allows VEGA graphics to behave like the LENS graphics as described above?

Thank you very much!!



Please let me know if the message is still unclear =)

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