Difficulties forming a new Elastic Stack possibly because of Elasticsearch discovery procedure


I am trying to form an Elastic Stack made of a single RHEL 7.4 Elasticsearch node, a RHEL 7.4 Kibana node, and RHEL 7.4 Logstash node, all 7.5.2 (current version as of now).

For some reason, in 7.5.2 Elasticsearch wont work for me. Every time I start it up, it tries to find nodes for a cluster, while I don't want a cluster at all, and I've set "discovery.seed_hosts" to "" in the config file . Its weird because in previous versions it worked fine for me, and it didn't search for a master node to form a cluster. Because of this, I believe, Kibana Isn't working as well - as I try to run it, it writes "License information could not be obtained from Elasticsearch for the [data] cluster." mostly, and once in a few messages, "Unable to connect to Elasticsearch. Error: [master_not_discovered_exception] null".

How can I fix this? I though about completely disabling the discovery check but I don't know how to...

Thank you for your help.

Did you set cluster.initial_master_nodes? You need to do so even for a single node cluster. Setting discovery.seed_hosts: [] is not sufficient; there are situations where this setting might be empty even though there are multiple nodes. cluster.initial_master_nodes determines the nodes in the initial cluster.

Thank you very much for your answer!

I've set "cluster.initial_master_nodes" to the node's name (by default the host name),
and now Elasticsearch seems to work!. Now Kibana says the user that I use to run it don't have sufficient privileges to access a file, but I think I just might fix it myself. Thanks again!

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