Directed graph in Kibana graphs

I want to address a use case where I want to show - to which all people a particular infected person has passed on the COVID19 infection. Is it possible to address this through Elastic graphs? I tried but I failed. I explored the e-commerce elastic graphs example, I do not want the connections to be weighted and one vertex can be linked to multiple vertices. Is there any other way to address this through kibana?


That's a great idea; this has been brought up by a few folks, and a search around the internet should reveal several examples of Kibana dashboards mapping COVID-19.

Some Elastic employees have been tinkering with dashboards as well, though to my knowledge we haven't created any "official" Elastic dashboard for tracking the outbreak.

If you create one, I'd encourage you to drop a note here to share it!

Meanwhile some interesting ideas here about COVID-19 dashboards ::COVID-19 Maps and ELK



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