Disable Connecting form Transport Client


We are using ES 1.4.4 and have built plugin for authentication which intercepts the REST calls( RestHandler). We want our ES to be accessed only by Rest calls not using transport client. Coolud you please provide pointers to achive this

I suspect Shield could help you.

Otherwise, if you have a multi-node cluster you can use firewalling to control which hosts can access port 9300. If it's a single-node cluster you could set transport.host to _local_ (or localhost) so that ES won't bind to non-loopback interfaces. See https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/modules-transport.html.

Thanks for your inputs. Is there anyway we can write custom plugins and detect the calls from transport client and block them or process them according to our needs.

Also shield is not an option for us due to licensing