Disable cut time windows to data in Kibana 7.12.0 visualizations

I have a new question regarding Kibana 7.12.

Since the update the x-axis (by timestamp) gets cut/limited to the available data and this is not like it was before.

Here is the data from last 2 days. The red line is the data I talk about.

Not if I filter for the data of (in my case) device 17 the time gets cut.

Before the time was not cut/filtered and that graphs x-axis still went to the time filtered in the upper left corners filter (in my case 2 days ago -> in 4 hours).

What setting do I need to modify in 7.12.0 to get that visualized?


I still have not found any solution. Anyone can help?

This is a bug indeed. Looks like it was caused by the move to the new chart library.

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Also, a PR to fix it was just submitted today so it should be fixed soon.

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