Filtering timeseries by highlighting graph

I have data flowing into an index that I use to populate multiple timeseries bar charts. My dashboard is set to view from 3 months ago until now. This looks great however say I want to zoom in on the latest data. If I click and drag all the way to the right of the graph the latest hour which isn't completed gets cut off. So if I have data that came in at 3:10 PM and it's currently 3:30 PM and I click and drag all the way to the end of the graph after Kibana finishes refreshing the bar charts end at 3:00 PM. I have tried making sure the graphs are all set to not drop the last bucket and even tried changing the default time to now + 2 hours thinking I'd be able to select to the right of the data but the graphs seem to cut off at the current data anyway so I still can't. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

I changed my filter again to be 3 months ago to 1 day in the future and that worked but I feel like it should work with now.

Can you share your visualization configuration? Also, could you check whether the timestamp of the documents is the expected one? A common cause of problems is data is ingested with the wrong time zone information which shifts it by several hours.

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