Disable destiption in bar chart with term bucket?



is there any way to disable the description of the bars in a bar chart with term bucket?

I can minimize the legend, but is it also possible o disable / hide the naming (marked of the bars red).
Using kibana 5.1.2.

I would like to have more space on a dashboard. In most cases the tooltip is enough for me to identify the term associated with the bar,

Thanks, Andreas

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Hi Andreas,

Unfortunately this is not currently possible in Kibana. However, there is already an enhancement request for it over here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/9550. If you have a GitHub account, I would encourage you to add a comment there about your use case (that is, why you would like the disable / hide the x-axis bar labels) — this will help increase the priority of this enhancement request. Thanks!


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