Value shown on top of bar


I'm new to kibana and trying to figure something out. I want to display the value of one bar but I don't see any option on setting. Is there a way to achieve this?

I'm using kibana 5.6.3

Thank you

Are you saying that you'd like to show the value that you normally see in the tooltip when you mouse over the bar in the chart?

If so, no, there's not currently a way to do this. There's an enhancement request to add it to line charts, which I suspect will involve adding it to all point series charts (line, area, bar, etc). That's the issue you'll want to track to see any progress.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, It's kinda like that. but for me, instead of line, I use for bar graphic..

Okay, will be monitoring that thread on github

Thank you

instead of line, I use for bar graphic

Yeah, that's fine. I'm sure once we have labels in the visualizations without the tooltip, it'll be added to all of the types. Bar, line, and area charts are all very similar, so I'd expect that at the very least, if one of those gets that feature, they all will at the same time, even if other vis types take longer.

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