Modifying values displayed in tooltip in Kibana Visualization

(Yuvraj Gupta) #1

Problem Statement:- In Bar Chart Visualization, if I have set Y axis as Count. X-Axis is set as @timestamp & Split Bars is set as Top 5 terms of a field. When I hover the mouse it shows me 3 values in tooltip:- Count, Timestamp & Top 5 field name.

However I wish to display only Top 5 field name in tooltip while hovering & want to remove X-Axis value (@timestamp) & Y-Axis value (Count).

What does _all in a vertial bar chart mean and is it possible to trim the value showed in tooltip?
(Spencer Alger) #2

There isn't any way to configure Kibana that way. This behavior is defined in the point_series/_tooltip_formatter.js file if you want to hack a solution in.

(Yuvraj Gupta) #3

@spalger Can you please provide the hack to do the same?
Help will be very much appreciated.

(Architha) #4

Have you figured out any solution ? If yes , please help.

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