What does _all in a vertial bar chart mean and is it possible to trim the value showed in tooltip?

This is how my graph in Kibana looks like:

What does _all mean in the graph above and is it possible to trim the part of a value which is being shown in the tool tip ?

I've gone through this thread as well, in which it says that it isn't possible to modify the tooltip. Instead is there a way to truncate the field which is being shown in the tooltip using a script in Kibana so that I can show the value as I want?

Any help could be appreciated.

Hi Kulasangar,

I think I'd need to see the configuration of your visualization (the expanded panes on the left side) to help with your question on _all.

As far as the format of dates, there are a couple of things you could try.

1). There are 2 advanced settings you can change from within Kibana. But these are both global settings and not specific to this one visualization.

One is the dateFormat which has a default like MMMM Do YYYY, HH:mm:ss.SSS

The other is dateFormat:scaled which should automatically scale the date format based on the interval of the data. I don't know if that's not working because I don't see the configuration in the left panes.

2). You can try creating a new scripted field that shows your date field but in a truncated format and then use that in this visualization. If not 100% sure that the visualization won't still try to apply the scaled format on it though.


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Hi @LeeDr, Thank you for the quick response. :slight_smile:

So this is how the config of the visualization look like for the above graph. Hope that answers your question.

I can't use the advanced settings you've mentioned since I need the timestamp value to be trimmed in this graph only. So I guess going ahead with the scripted field would work.

How can I get going with this? If you could give me a hint as how the scripted field should look like? I'm aware of getting a value of an existing field using painless, but how am I going to trim?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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