How to remove the "double" value from tooltip in kibana heatmap

I would like to use heatmap visualization in order to display some data but I am facing an issue with the tooltip.
I have chosen for Y-axis Term as aggregation (which is a string type field, id_no) and for the X-axis, a Date-histogram with 15m-intervals. For the metric, I have used Average as aggregation.

Below you can see the tooltip:

As you can see, the id_1 value is shown two times. How can I fix it? How can I remove the third row in the tooltip? Is it possible to edit the values that I want to add in tooltip?

Thank you in advance!

There currently is no way to edit what gets displayed in a tooltip in Kibana. This is a good thing to make an issue for: GitHub feature request template.

If it's important to get rid of this, you can always create highly custom graphs using Vega though because Vega is so powerful, it also has a somewhat higher barrier to entry. (Vega heatmap example, Vega tooltip example, and Vega charts in Kibana docs)

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