Disable Elastic Security Plugin in ECE

I am trialing out ECE and we have a our own custom plugin that implements the rest filter class. This is incompatible with elastic security plugin since it seems that only one plugin can implement the rest filter class. In our clusters we just disable the plugin and run the cluster in its own VLAN can we do this in ECE

There is no way of disabling the security plugin in ECE unfortunately - there are lots of internal service accounts that use the basic authentication and authorization features of the security plugin, and the nodes communication to each other are encrypted using the plugins' certificate infrastructure

Did you 100% confirm (eg via the elasticsearch forum - I don't think we have the required knowledge here) that there is no workaround for the "two rest filter classes" problem


I found nothing on the forum but the elastic error is reported in other places e.g

This is for a 6.x Cluster

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