Disable scroll instructions on map

How do we disable the "Use control + scroll to zoom the map..." message which appears on the map? Thanks.

That message cannot be disabled. It's meant to help users to understand how to scroll the map while also being able to scroll the dashboard that contains it. More details on this issue and the pull request with the fix.

@Cory34 I'm curious why you would want to disable this feature? Is there a situation where you are unable to use the keyboard while scrolling the map?

I don't want to disable the feature, it's great -- especially the "box zoom"! I was hoping to disable the message because it annoys our users to wait for the same instructions to pop-up and disappear each time you move the mouse over the map.

Hi Cory, the message should only appear when the mouse is positioned over the map AND the scroll wheel is used. If the message appears when moving the mouse over the map but not using the scroll wheel, that would be a bug. If it is a bug, can you provide more information about the browser and OS?

Hi Nick, it's behaving as you describe. The issue is that users scroll over the map to get to other dashboard visualizations below the map; back up to the map; or to center the map box (not the map) up-and-down on their screen. If there was only a map (vs. a dashboard with other visualizations) then there wouldn't be an issue. I've instructed users to scroll to the right of the map (over non-map visualizations) -- this, at least, avoids the issue while performing "drive-by scrolling". Thanks.

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