How to Disable filter's on Kibana Dashboard?

(Pramod) #1

Hi All,

Can you please help me on how to disable the Filter's on Kibana dashboard which will get applied when we click on something and do apply changes.
It would be very helpful if you can help with this issue as early as possible.


(Joe Fleming) #2

I don't understand what changes you are talking about, and which "Apply Changes" control you're referring to. Some more context, or possibly screenshots, could be helpful.

(Pramod) #3

Hi Joe,

Thanks very much for your time,

My question to you is, Let's say we have a Kibana dashboard and you can also click and select something on the any visualization to zoomin or to see only the things which you are interested in. Is there a way to disable it ?
Actually, we have the use case where people shouldn't click and select something to kibana. I mean the filtering should not be there for Kibana.

Thanks & Regards,
Pramod Kumar C U

(Joe Fleming) #4

Oh, I see, you want to disable interaction with the visualizations, like applying filters from the legend or zooming in on a time range using the click and drag feature.

Unfortunately, there's not currently a way to do this. Even in embedded mode, all of those interactions are still enabled.

I also can't find an issue that covers this request. There's this issue which covers disabling pinned filters, but that's not really the same. I encourage you to open a new issue on the repo requesting this functionality.

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