Disabling Grokdebugger


So I have been disabling some of the x-pack plugins in Kibana. Most of them work when disabling but when trying to do a similar thing with Grokdebugger , I get an error stating that Grokdebugger must be an object and my Kibana instance crashes.

I am disabling it by the following in my kibana.yml:
xpack.grokdebugger.enabled: false
xpack.searchprofiler.enabled: false

Any help would be much appreciated.


I just tested it in 6.x with this: xpack.grokdebugger.enabled:false in my kibana.yml and it works. Grok debugger disappears from dev tools.

Can you please paste a screenshot of the error? The page on which you are seeing it? Are you seeing anything in the logs?


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