Discect rule with a "+" sign in the message, can't escape it

I have the following disect rule: %{timestamp} queries: info: client @%{dns_client} %{source_ip}#%{source_port} (%{query}): query: %{query_2} IN %{class} + (%{dns_server}), which is from a BIND DNS server (querylog).

Which splits the querylogs into these fields:

  "docs": [
      "doc": {
        "_index": "index",
        "_id": "id",
        "_version": "-3",
        "_source": {
          "dns_client": "0x80",
          "@timestamp": "2023-07-18T13:12:50.570+02:00",
          "source_port": "37651",
          "query": "nodename",
          "query_2": "nodename",
          "dns_server": "x.x.x.x",
          "message": "18-Jul-2023 13:12:50.570 queries: info: client @0x80 x.x.x.x#37651 (tcn11-xcc): query: nodename IN AAAA + (x.x.x.x)",
          "class": "AAAA +",
          "source_number": "37651",
          "source_ip": "x.x.x.x"
        "_ingest": {
          "timestamp": "2023-07-18T11:12:43.590896651Z"

I don't get why "class": "AAAA +" includes the "+". Can someone point me to my mistake?

Do you also have a few samples from the log lines that you're processing? It will make debug easier.

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Thanks for your reply! I found the issue already, there was another ingest pipeline that split the lines the wrong way. This caused the confusion.

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