Discover is not working for range between <date> - "now "

I have a strange problem. In discovery tab, if I specify time between lets say
Jun 1, 2021@ 07:56:46 -> now I get no results
However if I search
Jun 1, 2021@ 07:56:46 ->Jun 1, 2021@ 10:00:46 everything works fine

I think this is also why my detection rules are not working. Time on my computer is correct. Is it possible that time in Elastic is off? How do I fix t this ?

Hi again @farciarz121. Could you please check the Timezone for date formatting in your Kibana Advanced Settings and make sure it is set to browser:

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This did the trick. Thank you @Stephmilovic.
Sorry I thought it did, I was looking at the wrong thing. Logs are still showing 16:51 it is 1:51pm here ...

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