Time range not working


I created an index and inserted documents on Elasticsearch 6.1.

I have a mapping for the "timestamp" field and it has a "date" type. Dates are showed using the correct date format in the "Discover" tab (I insert epoch timestamps and Kibana shows nice human dates).

When I create a dashboard and select a custom date range, Kibana always uses all my documents, it's not filtering anything. I tried using a time range that doesn't contain any document (like 100 years ago) and I always get the same results.

What could be the problem?

Could you provide a screenshot of your dashboard? Do you only have one index pattern set up?

Hello lukas, thank you for your answer. I am an idiot...
I didn't know index patterns had to be configured for time-based events, and my index pattern wasn't.
Sorry for this mistake.

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