Time range not working in kibana 6.2

(Amratash Shrivastava) #1

I created an index and inserted documents on Elasticsearch 6.2.

I have a mapping for the "timestamp" field and it has a "date" type. Dates are showed using the correct date format in the "Discover" tab .

When I create a dashboard and select a custom date range, Kibana always uses all my documents, it's not filtering anything. I tried using a time range with all different interval and I always get the same results.

What could be the problem?

(Bhavya R M) #2

If you are picking up a particular time range using the date picker on top nav bar - dashboard should filter your results according to the time range. Can you also try adding the date range as a filter and check whats happening?

Which version of Kibana are you on? Also can you please post a screenshot of your discover and dashboard?


(Amratash Shrivastava) #3

Hi ,its working now problem was slightly different .it was missing to add timstamp as a field while creating index pattern.

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