Kibana Data is not showing on Date Ranges

I made visualization on kibana when i select show record on last year it show this

but when i select date range from 1 nov to 30 dec it shows nothing if you look at the first image data is found in 11-11-2018 but when i select date range between 1st november to 31 november it shows nothing. Please help

The Date per hour field looks like a timestamp field in the Kibana Discover table. If so, that column represents a field in each document in Elasticsearch, which should be mapped as date. If you want that field to be the value that gets filtered on when you change the global time picker, then the index pattern has to use Date per hour as its "time field."

When you look at the Index Pattern details, the field that is used to filter on for the global time picker is highlighted with the clock icon, and has a help box for it:

My guess is if you look at your index pattern, the time field is NOT Date per hour

issue has been resolved i have choose timestamp instead of date.. Make new pattern with date and everything is working fine

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