Timefilter not working kibana

Hi, currently in my dashboard, the time filter isnt working on my kibana.

For example, my log count number does not change.

Have it currently set to last 1 year

When i change to last 1 day-

I want to be able to make it where I am able to see how much logs have come in for that day.
Still the same number. Please Help!!!

Hi @jamesyone,

when you created the index pattern for your data, you picked the primary "time" field (the one the time range picker from the top right is applied to) marked by a little clock icon in the index pattern management - in this screenshot it's timestamp:

It should always mark a field that contains the date the event you logged occurred (all of your documents in the index need to have that field set)

If you don't have that clock icon or it marks the wrong field, please re-create your index pattern and make sure to pick the right field in step 2 of the creation process:

Otherwise Kibana won't know to which field the time range filter has to be applied to.

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