Time Filter not shown in Kibana menu bar


I am able to use logstash (2.1.0) with my custom patterns to send my log files to Elasticsearch (2.1.1). I am also able to view and search my data in Kibana 4.3.1. Everything works it is supposed to be. Since I need to store my logs into its own index in ES, I only add one option: "index => "myIndex" ,as show below, in my logstash config file:

filter {
grok {
patterns_dir => "./patterns"
match => { "message" => "%{MYDATE:datetime} %{WORD:hostname} %{NUMBER:statusnum}:%{RWORD:status} %{GREEDYDATA:msg}" }
date { match => ["datetime", "YYYY:MM:dd:HH:mm:ss.SSS"] }

output {
elasticsearch { hosts => ["myServer:9200"]
index => "myIndex"

When I select my index "myIndex" in Kibana, I am able to see my event BUT I don't see the Time Filter on the top right side of the menu bar! I am not able to search by time range! What did I do wrong?


If you are storing time based data, why not use time based logs?

Also when you setup the index pattern did you tell KB it uses a timestamp?

Ah, I didn't check the box for time based event. It's working now. Thanks for your help.