Discover option Filter - Range based on DeviceID

Hi Experts,

I was trying to create a report using DISCOVER menu.
The index got 8 million records and one of the fields is DeviceID

If I choose the 'exists' as filter and field DeviceID; I get all the 8 million records.
I want to limit this based on ranges, such as
DeviceID >10K and DeviceID <500K

How's it possible? I wanted to export that in to a csv then.

When I try to export without such a range, it seems like it's taking so much time (running for over 20 hours now). I'm unsure why (just a integer field 8 million records) taking over 20 hours plus for the csv export.

Please help.

The current filter is

"exists": {
"field": "DeviceID"

I want to add add something like the below to this filter or a new filter in this DISCOVER option

"field": "DeviceID"
"gte" : 10000,
"lte" : 500000}

Any ideas?
Is range possible such as > and < on an inteer field?
I'm a newbie to ES / Kibana.

  1. You'll need to create a saved search with the filters. See
  2. With Kibana Reporting, you can export the results of a saved search from Discover as CSV. With a Basic license, the Share menu in Discover will have an Export > CSV option.

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