Discover Plugin is Not Loading


“Discover” plugin failed to load after creating the scripting fields.

I’m performing same steps as in Kibana 6.7 version for creating the visualisations and Dashboards . Everything done well but when, I perform same steps in Kibana 7.1 version getting error as given below in screenshot. If I delete the scripted field in Kibana 7.1 Version then “Discover” plugin loads.

I’m trying to extract month and Year from @timestamp field. Below is the script. Working fine in Kibana 6.7 version.

doc['@timestamp'].date.monthOfYear + '/' + doc['@timestamp'].date.year

Hi Amarpal,

Try this in your scripted field.

doc['@timestamp'].value.getMonthValue() + '/' + doc['@timestamp'].value.getYear()

Thanks Nick Peihl, It worked.

Hi Nick,

One thing more, I upgrade the from Kibana 6.7 version to 7.1 Kibana version.

Does my saved dashboards, indexer and visualisations will lost or retained.

Do I also need to update the scripts for scripted fields?

Hi Amarpal,

For the most part, your saved objects should be fine when upgrading from 6.7 to 7.1. There is an Upgrade Assistant in Kibana's Management tab that will find any critical issues you may want to review before upgrading.

There is a warning about deprecated languages in scripted fields. You may want to make sure you are using Painless over Groovy, JavaScript, and Python in your existing fields.

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