Faulty Discover, Shard Loading Problem In Kibana 7.6

Just 2 hours ago, I could sucessfully pull out all my data for that same time range. Now i can't, it gives me Shard failure and idk whats happening.

The distinguishing point is that Discover only started to behave like this after i introduced my own Scripted Field (valid one), into the picture.

The Discover function is very buggy and needs to be looked into!

could you share what is displayed when you click on Show details ? might be the case that there's a case when your scripted field is failing, could you share the field's source?

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Cant click on Show Details, nothing pops up...so i met a dead end to finding out root causes.

Anyway i deleted my scripted field alr. which solves the problem. Now my colleagues advised me to never use scripted field again.

How about u try preparing a scripted field on your end? Mine actually worked, it produced the legit result i wanted. It was just a simple addition of +5 to one of my existing cols.

But once u go into Discover, this happens.

However, in Kibana 7.7.1 i dont see this issue occuring. I have 1 scripted field over there tooo.


Sorry to hear, anyway generally scripted fields work, but they might fail when e.g. an expected property of a doc is missing. Could you share you scripted field's code? then I could help detecting the cause for the problem.

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doc['Length'].value + 5

anw idk why...my results all rounded to nearest whole number. My 'Length" was in 3dp btw.

Let's first fix the script problem. Might be the case that there are docs without 'Length' causing a shard error. So to be safe you should code it like this:

if(doc.containsKey('Length')) {
 return doc['Length'].value + 5;
else {
  return 0;


If there's still an error and Show details doesn't work you could have a look in the Browsers console or network tab of the Developer tools, there should be more info about this.


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