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I'm trying to use a scripted field to build some visualization at Kibana, but something is going wrong.

When I am at Management -> Index Pattern -> Create Scripted Field and preview the results for my script, it returns the first ten results. But when I try to see at Dicovery, I've got: "No results match your search criteria".

I've scripetd two fields but only the second one is causing trouble.

Could you help me?


if(doc['deb_cred.keyword'].value != 'S' &&
doc['tipo_evento.keyword'].value == '1'
) {
return doc['item.qtde_doc_item'].value*-1;
return doc['item.qtde_doc_item'].value;


if(doc['event.keyword'].value == 'history_purchase_document'
) {
return doc['test_conv'].value*((doc['preco_doc'].value/doc['preco_unid'].value)*(doc['conv_denon'].value/doc['conv_numer'].value))
else {
return "";

Can you share a screenshot of Discover? You may need to update the time range in Discover, by default it only searches the last 15 minutes.

This is the error, but it only happens when I filter for that type of document (history_purchase_document) and my data are from the past, so I do not think time range is the problem.

Indeed, my query returns 90147 hits with this same filter.

Hello! Any help?

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