Discovery 8.1


so i installing 8.1 and struggeling to get my node active after editting the config file. Now i cannot find any good guide to help me to the process. I would like to know howto install multi-node whitout having my not not coming online.


Did you follow the instructions in the guide? See for example Install Elasticsearch with .zip on Windows | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic

If you did, which step does not work for you?

No im installing it on ubuntu server. 20.4. Uhm yes i have read the guide line. But im stuck at the .yml file. The errors keep coming. So if a generate a new http.p12 and copy it to the certs dir where the real one is. it wont start.

So the documentation is Install Elasticsearch with Debian Package | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic

Which step did you run which fails?
I don't see in the guide where you have to modify the elasticsearch.yml file. So what did you modify and why?

Please share here the full logs and the full config file. Formatted with </> icon or using markdown. Thanks.

I'm stuck at the config file. When editing that file. Setting cluster-name and discovery nodes ip and which one used as master. After configuring the the .yml file the server wont start. Like it doenst like me editing the file. please do you have a example where and how to install from scratch Elasticsearch.

I don't see in the link I provided where you have to change the cluster name. Could you tell me where is it?

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