Discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes problem

Hi guys.

I have a 3 nodes cluster. I had split brain issue in my test environment. Now i read a lot about discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes, so i've set it to 2 on each node.

Restarted all of my nodes, but http://myhost:9200/_cat/master says i have only one master:
3MiYPIsMRvGv004zcYpWum node-1

Should i have to set something else up to make it work? Thank you.

You should always have exactly one master in a cluster. minimum_master_nodes details the number of master eligible nodes that need to participate in an election and agree in order to elect a master. By setting this to 2 with 3 master eligible nodes, you eliminate the risk that a single partitioned node can elect itself master and cause 2 master nodes to exist simultanously.

Hmm your answer shows things from different angle. Thank you. :slight_smile: