Disk Size and RAM size for each data node and master node

Hello All,
I want to setup elastic search cluster with 3 node. One node will be master node and other 2 node will be data node. I have around 20 GB data per day i.e 600 GB for one month. Can you please help me to decide how much RAM and disk size will be sufficient for all node individually.

Thank you in advance.

Have a look at the following resources:


Hello Christian,

Thank you for your response. But my question is little bit different. I am asking about the resources. So please help me to know that how much RAM and disk size are required to my Master node and data node in order to functioning properly. Log size is 20 GB/day. I have 3 node one is master node and 2 are data node.


How long are you planning to keep data in the cluster? Is it the one month that you mentioned?

yes..up to one month.

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