How much disk space should be in available to get a better elasticsearch cluster performance?


I have one master node (150Gb) and two data nodes (2* 110 GB) in my elasticsearch cluster. And I would like to know how much free disk space I have to maintain to perform a better elasticsearch performance like increasing searching speed. or should I decrease the master node capacity when comparing to data node capacity?


Having extra disk space will not make Elasticsearch faster. Well, maybe if you are on SSDs but that's a whole other discussion.

If you are having problems, it might be better if you can explain them instead.

I have to store 300GB of data per day and I like to store all those logs in 30 days in elasticsearch cluster, so how to choose how many master nodes do I need and what capacity do I choose for master nodes as well as data nodes. I know that data nodes only storing data and master node maintaining them. I would like to know whether I should increase the master nodes or data nodes?


May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:

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