Disk used space is higher than the indices used space

My elk server is having 1000 GB space. When I check the available space showing 96% utilized. however indices used only 160 GB. Could you please help me how can I clear/delete used space, so that I will have more space.

Note: Currently I am deleting indices to increase size(approx 15 to 20 GB). But there no much different if I delete indices.
Below is the result from GET /_cat/allocation?v

shards disk.indices disk.used disk.avail disk.total d isk.percent host node

52        160gb             960.6gb        39.3gb      999.9gb          96            node-1

What else is on your server? I would guess a lot of programms or other data.

this server is specific to elk. I dont have any other data/programs.

What does your OS show? Does it show that the disk is free?

when I do df -h showing 96% utilized for elk .

After rebooting server , available space is 70% now. :slight_smile:

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