Display Intime value of field for every timestamp as Timeseries

Hello All,

I want to simply display the value of filed(coming every seconds) from my script wrt to statistic time.
Through TSVB in kibana I want to display this.As I'm unbale to achieve this,Below are the images attached wherein using Top hit aggegation for inccraese count and group by everything.
The challenge is its not showing appropriate values in visual and starting "Incraese value" from big no instaed should start from 1 and then keep on incraesing.
Backend increased value is: sum=sum+increased,sum=0.

Simply need to display count value wrt to time i.e every millisec as timeseries and increased value should start from origin value and than successive sum values.
Through Kibana line graph its achievable but like timeseries in kibana which shows values for multiple fileds when hovered over data is required.
Can this be achieved through TSVB?

Any suggestion would be helpful.
Note Kibana version- 7.9.1.

Hello @stephenb .

Can you help here? ,Any possible way to show as time series visual.


@PRASHANT_MEHTA Apologies I am not clear what you are trying to accomplish.

I would need complete set of sample data and exactly what you want the output to be... not in images...

Sample data in text

Then results in text.

I suspect this is not supported...

BTW Top Hits would probably not be the aggregation Top Hits means Most Common not Max / SUM or anything like that.

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