Display search results in dashboard

Is it possible to display search results in dashboard, i.e lets say i have 200 entries of some logs and in dashboard i have a line chart that tells me the count , when i click that can i see the exact log entries in dashboard?

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Hi elastic-fan,

You can do this by making a saved search in Discover and adding it to the dashboard. In 5.0, the Save button is to the left of the time picker.

After you save your search, you can add it to the dashboard the same way you add a visualization. Just click the "Add" button then click the "Searches" tab:

Note that you don't click the line chart to see the search results. You just add the saved search to the dashboard, and it is always visible. As you add filters, search in the filter bar, or change the time range, the saved search will update to show the matching records.


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