Using a Discover Saved Search in a Dashboard does not show properly

We're adding a simple Saved Search from Discover into a Dashboard, but it does not seem to present data in the same manner it is presented in the actual Discover tab. Specifically, the un-expanded entries seem to be shown 1 word per line, instead of filling the whole image.

I've added a screenshot that clearly shows the issue. If there's another - nicer/better/alternative - method of showing logs as a visualization entry, I'm all up for it!

This is a known issue that will be resolved in the upcoming 7.3.0 release

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Thanks for the reply. Any hint/method/shortcut on how to quickly get to the Saved Search Discover screen, based on the queries and filters currently set in adashboards, even if it was some sort of clickthrough? That would probably be the ideal scenario anyways!

Think I have a method, by following the hint at the bug report, to add our own columns. This works for now.

Thanks for the reply!

That is not possible at the moment but you can follow for updates

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