Visualization & Dashboard return no results found, while discover tab successfully displays results ?!

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with Kibana: Dashboard and visualizations don't show any results!

As you can see in this screenshot, in the discover tab I get some results! Which means data exists in my index "as-*". right? But I used a trick in order to display this data :

  1. I changed the range to "Today" ==> it shows no result found !
  2. I clicked "New" button ==> then i get my data displayed!
    Is there an other way "more proper" to get data displayed?

Then in the my dashboard (or visualization) I can't get any results!! even if the range is the same as discover tab!

I restarted Kibana ==> no changes!
I deleted as-* then I created it => no changes!

I'm stuck here ! I ll be glad if you can help me figure it out !
Thank you very much!

Hi @adilld,

that looks like something isn't quite right in Kibana. Could you try to find the _msearch http requests Kibana performs in your browser's network inspector and paste their request bodies for the discover page both without results and after clicking "New"?

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Hi @weltenwort
Thank you very much for your reply.
Sorry, but actually I didn't understand 100% of what you said! :blush:
Here you can see the _msearch size is different (before clicking on New and after)...

I can't find the request body of the _msearch htttp request.. Where can I found it please?

If you click on each request, a details panel should open containing (among others) a "Headers" tab with a "Request Payload" section:

It could help to diagnose this problem if you could copy the "Request Payload" text for both requests and paste them here.

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Thank you ,

Here is the 1st one : (before)


2nd one : (after)


Thank you in advance

Thank you for providing that, @adilld.

It seems the first query tries to match the empty string while the second matches everything (as expected):

How do you navigate to that first broken discover view. Are you using some bookmark or link from an external website?

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I'm using google chrome as a browser.
To navigate to the discover view I use a direct link "ipServer:port/app/kibana#/discover" !
I tried ipServer:port but same problem... other browsers => same problem...

I can give u some clarifications :

  • I'm using a reverse proxy (nginx) but I think the problem is not coming from this one!
  • i'm using a searchnode (client). Maybe searchnode doesn't work as expected ?

Thank you @weltenwort

Does the link you are using contain anything like query:(query_string:(analyze_wildcard:!t,query:'')) in the url parameters?

Does the problem also occur if you leave off the #/discover when initially accessing Kibana?

i'm using a searchnode (client). Maybe searchnode doesn't work as expected ?

I do not understand what you mean by "searchnode".

Hello @weltenwort,

Finally I've found the solution of the problem. Actually, On my index pattern, they were a lot of conflicts and that's why Kibana failed to show the vizualisations ..

I deleted all the index, fixed my conf files of Logstash and now it's fine!

Thank you @weltenwort for your help

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That is good to know, thank you for reporting back.

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