Visualization return no results found, though discover successfully displays results

I have created a dashboard using kibana 4.1.2. When I set data to display as last 15 mins kibana returns No results found but when I use same search query in discover I see valid data returned.

Kibana returns No results found when I zoom in to the plot.

But this behavior is not consistent across the plots in the dashboard, few plots are working-as expected.

KB creates plots when I change the display time to last 4h or above.

Is this a bug in Kibana or Am I doing anything wrong ?

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Vamsi,

It seems like many things are going on here, especially since we are dealing with a dashboard. It would really help if you could include screenshots of the dashboard when you are seeing these issues and of the spy panels of the individual charts. To open the spy panel, you simply need to click on the ^ icon at the bottom of each chart.

Off the top of my head, I am wondering whether there are separate and additional filters on each dashboard visualization that may be causing results not to be shown. As far as the zoom is concerned, can you check the original dataset and see if any data points exist for the time range to which you have zoomed in.

Hi Shelby Sturgis


Spy panel for "results not found case":

Spy panel for working condition:

Data discover for "results not found" case:

I have set time to last 15 mins.

Hope this helps