Kibana 4.3.1 dashboard reports "No results found" on zoom

(Craig Foote) #1

I have time-based visualizations on a dashboard that report "No results found" when I zoom in. When I click edit on them it keeps the same timeframe and opens in Visualize panel displaying results. Anyone else seeing this?

(Craig Foote) #2

UPDATE: This appears to be caused by the markdown widget. I have one displaying a title and when I remove it and refresh the page, it displays and zooms properly. Can someone reproduce this please?

(Lukas Olson) #3

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "zoom in". Do you mean that you're narrowing down the time range? Could you provide screenshots? Thanks!

(Craig Foote) #4

Yes, narrowing the time range by drawing a box around some nodes in a time-based line graph. I can't provide screen shots, sorry.

(Craig Foote) #5

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