Performance issue while viewing the dashboard

we have a performance issue with the 7.13.2 version,
some time it tooks a lot of time to load the dashboards,
and even some of them wont load at all and returning me "no results found",
these things didn't happened with 7.9.x.
is this a know thing ? bug ? there is a way that i can fix it ?.

thank you,

Hi @Noursh,
can you please describe me the composition of the dashboard? how many and what type of visualization (Lens, TSVB etc) are you using?
Is there any error in the browser console or in the kibana logs related to that?
Does it happens on every dashboard or just on some specific one?
It will be great if you can share the saved object of the dashboard (Stack Management > Saved Object > export), if so, please check the output and remove any sensible data

We are suffering from those issues in a couple of dashboards. The dashboards are composed of different types of visuals and some of them are also composed of different indexes.
The 'no results found' issue - happens most of the time in TSVB visuals, but we also see it in table, line and bar viausls.
As for now, we don't have any dashboard that uses lens visual.

Kibana logs -
and the only error I see is -
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"X","tags":["error","plugins","taskManager"],"pid":Y,"message":"Failed to poll for work: ResponseError: Response Error"}

Does the problem persist when you are in the visualize/tsvb editor?

No, when I open the visual editor it shows me data.
Also, sometimes after I refresh the dashboards couple of times, it is resolved.

Do you have filters activated on fields that are specific to a particular index?

Not in all dashboards, but in the one we do, we also filter the specific index.

any update ?

It's relatively difficult to triage this performance issue because it can be caused by multiple things.
These are actually 2 issues, probably linked, but not 100% sure.
For performance one:

  1. try turning off the new visualization implementation via: visualization:visualize:legacyChartsLibrary setting in the Stack Management->Advanced Settings
  2. how many charts are rendered at the same time in the mentioned slow dashboard? can you try to remove some of them to see if the performance is caused by a specific chart? (usually charts with a lot of data points (small intervals) and/or multiple series (tens of them)

For the "no results found":
3) when using multiple indices and filters together: if you filter by the _index charts that are not using that index are excluded and not rendered. If you filter by a field that doesn't exist on the visualization used index, the visualization will not render the chart. If you are using TSVB you can specify, in the Panel options tab, the option to Ignore global filters

Thanks for your notes but it didn't help. We are familiar with the option of "ignore global filters".
There are still some dashboards that taking time to load the data and some visuals that return "no results found".
Do you have any more ideas that can help us?
(After refreshing the page, the dashboard loads all data).

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