Kibana dashboard visualisation slowness while accessing the dashboard -

Hello ,
We are using 7.17 version Elasticsearch and Kibana, We are facing browser locks up issue when access dashboard in our environment. While loading the dashboard visualisation is very slow for example : last 30 days if we filter time stamp it is loading very slowly to view the visualisation dashboard.
Please help us to troubleshoot and resolve the issue .

NOTe: Tried restarting kibana services but still issue is present.

Hi @Praveen_kr,

It's important to note that slowness could be down to the query itself your running on the dashboard, within Elasticsearch or in Kibana. Several debugging techniques are covered in this blog post, but I would recommend starting with the Slow Log and Search Profiler to get more information on your visualisation.

Perhaps it might also be useful to check the health of your cluster too using the health API? Do share any additional information you manage to capture and we can try to help further.

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