Kibana dashboards - visualizations slower

When I add more data to my elasticsearch, I notice that Kibana dashboards are slower. What can I do to make kibana faster?

Thank you.

Are they loading slower or is the page freezing? Can you share your Kibana version? Approx amount of data?

There's a few different approaches here depending. Shorter time ranges, less visualizations, improving search performance in the cluster (hardware, shard counts, etc).

I am using 6.6 version of Kibana and the loading of my dashboards are slower.
I am dealing with around 250000 documents, having in one dashboard like 15-20 visualizations, each one with different aggregations.
My cluster one have one machine, so I cannot change hardware, shard counts, etc.

Is there other things I can change?
Thank you.

Can you clarify not changing shard counts? Setting that to one if there's 250k documents on one machine is probably the way to go if hardware is fixed.

Any scripted fields?

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