Display Top 'N' results in Kibana search

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Is there any way to display Top 'N' (where N is integer) search results in Kibana Discover (Search). Like how we specify "size": 20 while querying Elastic Search. Currently if we specify "size" in the filter, the following warning is displayed on the dashboard.

Please let me know whether this is possible or not.


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You can use JSON in the Kibana search bar. I found it described here;

It's probably documented other places but that's the first place I saw. So you may be able to put the proper JSON in the search to use the "size" option.

Or, you can set the "discover:sampleSize " down from 500 to some smaller number in Settings > Advanced, but that changes it for everyone using Kibana.

But I think both of these would just return some sampling of that size. Not necessarily the "Top" results. If you want the data and not a chart, you might want to try a Data Table visualization. There you could do a Significant Terms aggregation and set your size.

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Thanks for the reply:slight_smile:

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