Kibana Serach

I am trying to list all the unique values for a particular field of a search. by default I am able to see only the top 5 values. Can anyone please guide me how to list all the values and not just top 5.

I am sorry, I am new to Kibana and I understand this might sound like too simple of a problem.

You can specify the size next to the order input:

There isn't a way to return all unique results. At one point you could but this was removed, has context. I'd recommend specifying a large number if you have a rough estimate of the number of expected unique fields.

Thanks for your reply. I am trying not to use the 'Visualize' as I need to specify few extra fields in the search which I am not unable to do in 'Visualize'. I was hoping to find a way when i run the query under 'Discover" as below :


Ah, I see. I took a quick look and this number looks fixed, although I'm sure an enhancement request at the kibana repo would be considered.

With that said I'd recommend looking for an alternative. The quick counts are calculated in the browser - they're estimates based on all of the returned results from elasticsearch. For the results to be accurate, more documents need to be returned from elasticsearch, but elasticsearch can handle many many more documents than the browser.

The search bar and filter bar are available on the visualization page, if that's something worth looking into.

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