Displaying a compact label for a visualization

(Nikhil Utane) #1


I just want to show a simple & compact label for my visualizations.
I added markdown viz. But it uses a lot of real-estate. I would really like it to be compact so that it looks neat. If i reduce the height, then it doesn't display entire text (becomes scrollable).
Are there any tricks to fix this?


(Jon Budzenski) #2

The markdown vis (in TSVB) supports custom css. A simplified example changing the font size:

Does that help?

(Nikhil Utane) #3

Much better. I have to use H3 to avoid it getting cut at the bottom. The font size doesn't make a difference though. Same option is also available in Markdown viz.


(Nikhil Utane) #4

It's now looking much neater after I hid the titles for all panels from the 'Share' option. My requirement was to display it in a tabular format. So I added separate Markdown viz. to show the title and the values now appear much larger.

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