Displaying job failed count in Kibana Visualization table

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I have a log where I have field for correlation_id.

The log can have multiple records for the same correlation_id.

Now my requirement is to display how many times each correlation_id has been written in my log.

Can someone please help.

I have tried below things before posting in this forum.
Create Data table
Select Count in metrics section
In buckets section
if I select terms then it does not show me correlation_id. It shows only some limited fields which I do not require.
If I select filters then I can put correlation_id but I don't know its value. My log can have n number of correlation_id.

In short, I want to get a output correlation_id,count(*) from my log.

Can someone help me please.

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If you have [quote="Vivek_Sharma, post:1, topic:94079"]

in your data you should be able to see the same in dropdown, In case its not coming , go to management -> index pattern -> and refresh the index, so in case that field added after you created a pattern so it will not be shown and would need refresh.

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Thanks a lot Prashant, my problem is now solved.
Thanks again for such a quick response and adequate solution.

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