Feasibility of using hidden fields in bar chart

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I have 2 logs as below:
Log 1:
Fields: Timestamp, Job Name, Job Id, Error Code, Status: <Success/Fail>

Log 2:
Fields: Job Id, Error Code, Error Reason

My requriement is to display Log 1 data in bar chart ie. the number of jobs that have entered the system over the time period and number of jobs that have failed. When user clicks on the failed jobs in the bar chart, we need to show the failed job details in a data table.

I have created a bar with job count as Y Axis and job status as X axis. The graph is displaying the data correctly.

Now the issue is when I try to link it with the Data table.

Log 1 and Log 2 have only Job Id as common field and I can not display job count on my bar chart.

Is there any way that I can keep Job Id as hidden field in bar chart and when user clicks on failed job bar then the data table with error reason of failed job is displayed.

Please help.

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It looks like Error Code is a shared field as well. You could use that as the x-axis value, and then when the user clicks on a bar, it would create a filter for that code, which could then show records with only that error code in a saved search table.

So you could see all failed jobs this way, but it wouldn't allow you to see a specific failed job directly from clicking on the bar chart. Charts don't track IDs directly, since they are built using aggregate data. You could add the job id as an aggregation, but then you wouldn't get all the information you wanted to see (namely, the total number of records for any given status).

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Thanks Joe for your help

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