Draw Pie Chart in Kibana based on field values

Hi , we have a requirement to some of our test results in kibana pie chart .
e.g we have the index pattern as following with the fields and i want to plot passedCount, failedCount values in kibana Pie Chart with each timestamp .

   timestamp: Jan 25, 2021 @ 14:34:02.110 ,
   messsage: "TAP Execution completed", 
   passedCount: 15, 
   failedCount: 11

As we use aggregations based on no of entries in logs , but not based on values . please suggest how do we use values to draw pie charts

Hello Sudarshan,

I don't fully understand your question. You have an index with this documents, where for every timestamp you would log such a document wit hapssedCount and failedCount ?

now you want to draw a piechart for each specific timestamp ?

i think this is not possible in kibana at the moment.

what you could do is draw a bar chart, where for every timestamp you have two bars: one showing failed count and the other showing passed count:

  • go to bar chart visualizaton, for your x axis choose date histogram aggregation over timestamp field
  • add two metrics (and remove count metric): SUM for the field 'passedCount' and the other one SUM for the field 'failedCount'

hopefully this is helpful

Thanks Peter. it works for bar chart .

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