Time based count in Kibana Visualization

Hello All,

I am trying to create a pie-chart of a particular event with count in Kibana.

I am fetching the data from Oracle DB through logstash JDBC input pipeline.

Name Count
event1 10
event2 20

I want to create a pie chart which shows the count of the event with respect to selected time frame. (Like if I select time frame as last 1hour, it should only show the count of event1 & event2 for the last 1 hour and not the cumulative)

Please guide me how can I achieve it

Can you provide an example document showing the structure of your data?

Hello Nathan,

Thanks for your response. I figured it out

While creating the index pattern, in time field I have selected a timestamp which is there in a specific table that a queried. Now I have used that to plot pie chart with count and it shows dynamic values when different time frames are chosen

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