Displaying Label title depending on filters

Hello Everyone,
I'm trying ( as said in the title ) to display a certain label regarding the filters that will be applied once the time series visual builder is implemented in a dashboard with control buttons, I read that one could modify its label with a handlebar syntax but since I don't know yet what filter will be applied ( since it's depending on the person that will use the control buttons and its purpose).

In my case filters are applied with keyword fields that obviously every json doc contain. To be more precise my database collects a bunch of information about industrial equipments and the objective is to be able to make them appear in the label. For instance if I want to display the pressure of the equipment which ID is TCTM03 I want it to appear in the label of my time series visual builder. Or at least in the Dashboard title.

Do you have any idea what to write as the handlebar syntax ?

Furthermore if you have any idea of how I could disgroup the legend in charts, like putting one curve legend under its proper Y axis and the other on the other side since it's its Y axis...

Thank you for reading this topic and for any little information that you feel could help me in any ways.



Sadly this is currently impossible in Kibana as mos of the vis run standalone and there is little in communication done between them. Would make for a great enhancement request though.

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